Thunder SMTP 2.0 beta version is started!

The SMTP is available for everyone for free testing with up to 20,000 emails monthly!

Posted by Thunder SMTP on May 05, 2017, 0 Comments

We are happy to announce that our beta is fact. Took months of work to reach that stage and everyone from our team is impatient to see how the system performs for our clients. We were in a long Alpha testing period which covered tons of possible situations but the best feedback always comes from our members. That's why we ran the Beta version and ThunderSMTP will be available for everyone with the promotional 20,000 free emails per month!

Our knowledge

Most people in our team are great developers and experts in email marketing with years of experience. Almost year ago we started the whole project from a scratch. We don't rely on freeware or shareware software and third parties, everything is created by us. The whole SMTP service is custom, too. It's optimized for an ultra high amount of sent emails daily and covers all protocols references. We did a lot of experiments in order to find the golden configuration for best email delivery. Each sent email is signed with DKIM key and we have valid SPF records for all our IP addresses.

The system was in the Alpha testing stage for around 3 months and during that period we spent hundreds of hours in testing each functionality performance, cleaned a lot of bugs and glitches. Now after so much crash and security tests we are ready to open our doors for you. Everyone who's excited in trying our brand new service can sign up, apply for access and start using our service immediately. We are open both for business and individuals who want to easily reach their members and people signed to receive news. We've spent a lot of time thinking how to make the service simple as possible, clean and fresh, and we hope you will love it.

Why Beta?

The answer to that question is simple. The best feedback is always provided by real users and it's easy to find the points which require more attention. In development environment is not possible to cover all possible situations in which the user can fall into. Right after you sign up you'll see some of our features are still in Alpha mode. Relax! These will become available very soon, once our experts decide that feature looks good enough and it's usable for non-developers we'll upgrade it to Beta feature.

During the Beta stage, we'll make some premium features available for the free accounts in order to test them better, collect feedback and change something if needed. That gives you the great chance to try these features without spending a single dollar. Each feature has feedback button from which will appear small form, there you can pick your mood and write us a review about it. Don't worry to post any of your impressions, your suggestion doesn't need to be a professional appraisal, just share what you think.

Why I can't upgrade?

The payments system will be disabled during most of the Beta testing period. That's because we don't want you to pay for features which may not work as expected or could be unavailable from time to time. If you really like the system and you decided to upgrade then contact us. We'll let you know when the paid plans will become available and notify you about that in the moment when the payments are activated. We don't support the strategies to run early pre-sign ups or paid accounts during Beta stages. This can only hurt the user while the company trying to take advantage of the unfinished feature.

Hope you understand we are doing that for you. Most important for us is to satisfy the member needs, provide stable and reliable services which ease both professionals and enthusiasts. Enjoy our service, share feedback and keep us posted. Together we can reach the top!