Is unsubscribe required?

Unsubscribe is required for all marketing campaigns. We follow strictly the CAN-SPAM rules and stand our users to follow them, too.

Posted by Thunder SMTP on May 07, 2017, 0 Comments

Because ThunderSMTP is built both for transactional and email marketing emailing we provide the option to enable/disable the unsubscribe feature. Each user agrees to never send email marketing campaigns without the unsubscribe feature trough the SMTP service. This may result in closing the account or suspending for an indefinite time. Overall non-providing unsubscribe feature in marketing emails may impact the delivery rates, and we want to make sure all your emails reach their recipients.

The unsubscribe link it's not just URL in your emails. It's is required by the CAN-SPAM act and the ISPs require ThunderSMTP to manage all users lists in a way that doesn't heart the recipients of the emails. This includes: suppressing the unsubscribes in your lists, processing all bounce records and reporting any abuse.

All these things are done automatically by our service and we always make sure our users does not violate the CAN-SPAM act. We often check manually our users' traffic to confirm everyone complies with this rule. For further information, you can check our Terms of Service.

In our unsubscribe builder, under the SMTP Settings module you specify custom unsubscribe redirect link. After we track the unsubscribe our system will redirect the user to the specified redirect URL. The keyword [EmailAddress] is required and you can use it on your custom page to show unsubscribe greeting to the visitor.

If you are using ThunderSMTP for transactional emailing then you can disable the unsubscribe feature and no further actions will be taken from our side.

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